SAV Systems

SAV Systems is a well-established provider of the innovative range of FloCon HVAC distribution manifolds, commissioning modules and Monolink commissioning valve assemblies.

They offer support with designs, equipment sizing, supply, training of installers and commissioning.

FloCon Product Range

The FloCon product range integrates seamlessly with many HVAC products and systems, including radiators, chilled beams, FCUs, AHUs, UFH and trench heaters and makes installation and commissioning quicker, more efficient and more secure.

Most HVAC installations can be complimented by SAV Flocon range. It works very well together with CHP and Flatstations systems where low return temperatures are needed to make systems work to their maximum efficiency.

The major advantage of the SAV Flocon range is the balancing manifold combined with a DPCV that can achieve the low return temperature that most modern systems now need to work efficiently. Consider the simplicity of using (for example) SAV FloCon radiator assemblies with a DPCV? A trusted and simple, but very effective, method of installing and balancing.

So, it is fair to say that there is more to the Flocon range than ai???justai??? commissioning modules.

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CPD Seminar

Initial focus will be on CIBSE Code W and the issues concerning the commissioning of ultra low flow rate systems. Followed by examples of how using the SAV subtraction method we can resolve energy questions raised by the recent BSRIA design guide 'Energy Efficient Pumping Systems'.

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