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Daikin Applied (UK) Ltd and Daikin Applied Service.

We are very proud to have been employed as Technical Sales Agents by Daikin Applied UK and are on standby to assist you.

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Caice are the UK Market Leader for Acoustic and Air Movement products and offer an innovative range of services tailored to individual clients needs.

Established in 1993 they have built a nationwide sales network and a state of the art UK production centre. They specialise in the area of acoustics and air movement and their products have been installed in some of the most prestigious buildings in the UK.

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Winner of numerous environmental awards for its innovative, green and efficient design including the DuPont Innovation of the year award Breezair has also been recognised as a Product of Year Finalist at this years UK Building Services Awards.

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As manufacturers of trench, perimeter, ceiling panels and radiant heating systems, specialising in the design and development of heating and ventilating products for over 20 years.

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Since 1909, Horne Engineering Ltd has been involved in the design, development and manufacture a wide range of TMV, thermostatic mixing valves (H15, H20 and H25), showers..

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Keraflo have manufactured top quality, delayed action float valves in the UK for almost 25 years. Their Aylesbury range is synonymous with float valve excellence with...

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Pipe Solutions Ltd are a wholly independent company established with the aim of providing the engineering industry with a one stop shop for solving the problems of thermal expansion..

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SAV Systems is a well-established provider of the innovative range of FloCon HVAC distribution manifolds, commissioning modules and Monolink commissioning valve assemblies.

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Senso-Heat UK

Senso-Heat UK is the new radiator brand of Hurlstones Northern Distribution, a specialist supplier of central heating radiators and valves to all sectors of the heating market.

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