Caice Acoustic Air Movement Ltd

Caice are the UK Market Leader for Acoustic and Air Movement products and offer an innovative range of services tailored to individual clients needs.

Established in 1993 they have built a nationwide sales network and a state of the art UK production centre. They specialise in the area of acoustics and air movement and their products have been installed in some of the most prestigious buildings in the UK.

Our automated attenuator manufacturing facilities are amongst the most advanced in the world.

  • A duct line produces attenuator casings with integral 20 or 30mm profile flanges
  • An expanded metal decoiler produces splitter facings and bonds fibre glass tissue to the metal
  • A splitter line produces all the splitter frame parts
  • The attenuator assembly line builds all the splitters and installs them into the casings

These processes help us to produce a high quality product, and give us the lowest attenuator manufacturing costs within the UK. The processing speed also provides large production capacity and short lead times. Consequently we are the largest supplier of attenuators within the UK.

Caice are committed to good environmental working practices. This is embodied in many different areas throughout the business and some of their key environmental strategies include a number of their fan products are now available with DC motors, which are up to 70% more efficient than AC motors. This enables them to be compliant with the latest version of Building Regulations Document L published in 2006, covering Conservation of Fuel and Power.

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