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Aquality CPD at Mott MacDonald - London


Yet another well attended lunchtime CPD today at Mott MacDonald HQ in London.

Lutz Johnen presented Aquality's 'Non Potable Water Management' philosophy to Project Managers, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Directors, Associates, Graduates and Apprentices all of whom will receive an hours CPD certificate.

If you would like to attend one of our CPDs please do not hesitate to get in touch;

07973 253669



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Have you seen the Veltem Hidden Diffuser for perforated ceiling tiles? Chances are you havenai??i??t!



Perforated Ceilings Look Clearer With HD.

Through collaboration between Veltem and their business partner; Price Industries, utilising their world-class, 10,000mA? research facility in Winnipeg, Canada, the HD (Hidden Diffuser) is quickly becoming the preference Air Terminal Device with leading architects and designers when using perforated ceiling tiles.



So whatai??i??s it all about?

The design incorporates the standard ceiling manufacturerai??i??s suspended ceiling tile as its faceplate (typically using 1.8mm holes, 20% free area or 2.2mm holes with 25% free area) and is therefore almost invisible once installed. In addition to this, the induction process is created millimetres from the face of the diffuser so room air is not induced into the plenum. As a result, the amount of dirty room air accumulated on the face is very low, ensuring the HD remains unobtrusive years after installation and will very rarely need cleaning ai??i?? unlike conventional ceiling diffusers.

To ensure the ceiling has minimal aesthetic intrusion, the same ceiling tiles, without scrim backing material, can also be used for return/extract air; removing the need for additional grilles/diffusers. Veltem also offer acoustic Return Air Canopies to remove cross talk or noise break out, if required. No longer will the spacing of diffusers be compromised when once the symmetrical appearance was preferred over the technically best possible layout.

Architectural Dream.

The HD has been referred to as an ai???architectural dreamai??i?? due to its unimposing design. This, coupled with its technical abilities with a large air volume range through various sizes and configurations, temperature differentials of Ai?? 10K, mounting heights from 2.5-4.5 metres, low sound power level and pressure loss (suitable for fan coil units) and high occupant comfort to EN ISO 7730, the HD is also the friend of the mechanical engineer.

All the usual features you would expect for ceiling mounted diffusers are also available, including small side entry plena for low or congested ceiling voids, dampers and internal lining. The HD can also be retrofitted with little modification to an existing ceiling system with Veltem also offering site installation with our experienced fitters.

For more information please click here

To download the HD brochure click here





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Low flow and return temperatures for heating? No problem!ai??i??


We are all seeing a continual decrease in the temperatures used for heating circuits. Gone are the days of 82/71.

80/60, 80/50, 60/50ai??i??.ideally 70/40 and even lower temperatures for heat pumps...45/35ai??i??

The ai???problem' is that clients still want to use radiators to heat certain spaces in their projects. This means applying a huge correction factor to the radiator and it ends up being big a bulky. It then becomes hard to locate and starts to get in the way.

Well, that WAS the case until recently when, during a visit to Sensothermai??i??s office, one of their Directors casually mentioned that Steel Column radiators gave a much higher output at lower temperatures than conventional radiators. I asked him to explain more;




Regarding your questions on the benefits of the Shropshire rad. They are the ideal companion for low flow and return temperatures for several reasons,

They hold a comparatively large volume of water for the ai???radiator sizeai??? over competing types of radiators.

They also have a large radiating surface area for the radiator size over competing radiators.

The two points above means large outputs are available for tight spaces which is obviously the situation you find yourself faced with on low flow and return projects.

The sheer range of sizes greatly assists here.

It is an ideal radiator in areas were hygiene is of high importance because they are easy to clean compared with conventional radiators.

They can be supplied at extra cost in any RAL colour giving yet another benefit.

They blend well in both period and modern properties making them the ideal radiator for all types of projects.

Sounds like a pretty neat solution I think.

If you would like further details please click here




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Photos from Waterman CPD

Pic 1

Pic 2

We recently presented the Aquality CPD to Waterman Group in London. Lutz Johnen (Managing Director of Aquality) gave an hours talk on the Aqua Storm Control (ASC) system.

The ASC is described as 'A system based on a cloud technology platform that uses sensor data, forecast information and modelling to actively control, maintain and monitor water infrastructure.'

Clever stuff.

Basically it allows the control of the outflow on an attenuation tank so that it fills and empties according to the likelihood of rain.

This allows your attenuation tank to become a Rainwater Harvesting Tank and bingo - you have a Rainwater Harvesting System and all of those lovely BREEAM points...without the hassle or cost of an additional storage tank.

You still need a booster set, monitoring software, valve arrangements and some other stuff, but Aquality provide all of that - they will even install the complete system.

Please visit the Aquality page on our website to get some more details. The downloads section at the bottom of that page contains brochures and copies of the CPD.

If you would like to organise a lunchtime CPD please contact me directly on my mobile 07973 253669 or by email







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Go-ahead for Berkeley 3,750-home London Gasworks Scheme

Berkeley has gained outline planning to build 3,750 homes at the former Southall Gasworks site in West London.

Masterplan for former National Grid Property site with first phase highlighted.

The London Borough of Ealing nodded through the 88-acre scheme, known as Southall Waterside, which weighs in as West Londonai??i??s most ambitious regeneration scheme.

Berkeley said it plans to start significant enabling works early this year with the full mixed-use scheme delivered in several phases over 25 years.

The project will be delivered by Berkeleyai??i??s St James business, which has been advised by Mace on the site-wide construction management plan.

A sales launch for the first 600-home phase of development is scheduled for autumn 2016. Berkeley also plans up to 500,000 sq ft of commercial space, a two-form entry primary school and a health centre.

The revised masterplan submitted after buying the site from National Grid Property will see over half the site dedicated to open space, which includes a substantial amount of landscaped public parkland, leisure and play spaces, and piazzas.

Sean Ellis, Executive Director, Berkeley Group said: ai???These gasworks closed almost 50 years ago, so approval of the Southall Waterside masterplan marks the start of an exciting new future for this 88 acre site.Ai?? ai???When 80% of new homes currently planned for the capital are in just three East London boroughs, this provides some welcome

Southall Waterside first phase

Berkeley Group is now preparing a detailed planning application for Phase A of the development, which is expected to be submitted shortly.

Plans for the first phase include 618 new homes, of which 186 are designated affordable. It also features roads, parking, landscaping and access to public realm.

The homes will be positioned to the schemeai??i??s north-east corner and benefit from a southern aspect that overlooks the landscaped open space and water features of the Central Park.

Aaron Morby

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Pipeline of luxury London flats hits record high

Consultant Arcadis estimates a total sales value of A?77bn for these homes which are mainly flats and apartments.

The huge pipeline will intensify fears of an oversupply of ai???primeai??? properties in the capital.

The total floor space of planned prime homes in the capital is more than 40 million square feet ai??i?? far greater than the area of the whole of the City of London (30.7 million sq.ft).

Arcadis identified 196 across the capital with the number of homes planned at 35,055.

And the consultant warned some of the luxury resi schemes will have to be ai???repositionedai??? into commercial jobs or even cheaper homes as demand at the top end softens.

Mark Cleverly, Arcadis head of commercial development, said: ai???Since around 2009, the value of prime residential property in central London has seen dramatic rises, making it one of the hottest markets in recent memory.

ai???That said, things are changing.

ai???Land, materials and labour are growing in price, meaning the costs involved in actually building these homes is growing significantly.

ai???This, coupled with a recent gradual easing off of buyer demand could affect margins and mean investors opt to convert their developments to target the more buoyant office and commercial markets.

ai???With no obvious end in sight to the unpredictability of the global economy this approach could soon become the norm.






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Green construction is not just a niche market catch-phrase; itai??i??s a mindset.

Learn How LEED Certifications Earn Your Company Credibility and Cash!

In this day and age more and more companies are becoming environmentally conscientious. What does that mean for those who are in the construction field? Green construction is not just a niche market catch-phrase; it is a mindset. Implementing the principles of green construction means deliberately considering sustainable building materials and impact of the building post-construction. To do that, we need to know what green construction means, and be able to evaluate what it is and isn't. The most influential evaluation?:LEED.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a third-party certification program that is a nationally accepted for design, operation and construction of high performance, eco-friendly buildings. Residential and commercial buildings can earn a silver or gold certification based on a composite score that carefully considers water system efficiency, building materials, use of resources with minimal environmental impact, sustainably grown resources, and power systems. Although the process of certification sounds lengthy, it is considerably easy for companies already focused on green efforts, and the payout is more than just boasting rights. LEED certifications continuously pull in cash and credibility for your construction company.



  • LEED certified buildings are commanding higher rental rates and greater occupancy than the non-green buildings.
  • On average, LEED new homes sell for 8% more than non-certified green homes. Resales of existing green homes sell for an average of 30% more than conventional homes.
  • Although the supply of green construction is gradually increasing, it is not keeping up with the surge in demand.


  • Green technology is a popular way of improving public image, and for good reason: people want to know businesses are committed to good environmental practices, and nothing demonstrates this commitment like LEED certification. Although many companies consider LEED certification purely for the environmental benefits, the improved publicity and public image are another reason to consider LEED-certified construction.
  • The quality assurance of the LEED certification means the buildings are environmentally compatible, provide a healthy work environment and are profitable. Incredible marketing power and something worth of praise--Just check Google, and you will find thousands of companies proudly displaying their LEED credentials.

How do you get LEED certified?

1. Ensure that building strategies meet the requirements of the desired level of LEED certification.

2. Register the construction projects with the Green Building Certification Institute.

3. Ensure that all rules and guidelines set out in the selected category of LEED certification are followed.

4. Prepare for an application for certification.

Luisa Salcedo

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BIM a significant improvement for everyone

The tools for the construction industry are improving all the time. Last year Aquality made the important step to invest in BIM and build our design facilities around this new technology.

The results are evident in a global survey commissioned by McGraw Hill.

41% of respondents reported that the main virtue of BIM was theAi??reduction of errors and omissionsAi??in the design phase. This simple factor implies a reduction of time, materials and costs. The second major advantage is theAi??improvement in the collaboration with owner/design firms during the construction phase.

Aquality andAi??their customers are realising significant benefits as with the old 2D drawing set up there were countless in-efficiencies, but with the BIM software there is much more flexibility.




Real benefits are coming through
The overall industry has become much more efficient in terms of time saved, being able to speed up on the changes required on a variety of models, if there is new information at hand. Overall the 3D drawings are now more detailed, which helps meeting the needs of all of our clients.

One of the major strengths of adopting BIM, is that we are now able to share 3D models with detailed information, such as product descriptions and technical information. Overall, the drawings are now more precise and provide our clients with a better understanding on installation requirements.

Master Building Model
Aquality are working on structuring an on-line library by the end of this year, so that all of their clients and consultants can gain access to a range of 3D models. This will be a great feature moving forward as their client can familiarise themselves with a range of our products.

The ultimate aim will be to put our drawings into the master building model, which will facilitate a seamless process for new construction builds all over the UK and beyond.


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In-line Thermal Disinfection made easy


Via the incoming water supply and by retrograde contamination, Psuedomonas, Legionellae and other pathogens can colonise the last two metres of domestic water supply DWS pipework, including the outlet fitting (any TMV, tap or shower). This problem is specifically described in the Addendum to Health Technical Memorandum 04-01.

Our In-Line Thermal Disinfection Unit (ILTDU) with Horne EngineeringAi??facilitates periodic high temperature thermal disinfection using the readily available hot water supply. Now the thermal regime can be extended to the point of water discharge: therefore, the wetted surfaces of all downstream components, including the mixing valve and the outlet fitting, can be raised to system temperature.

For further information or to arrange a demonstration please do not hesitate in contacting us via 0121 502 2517

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Checkout The Future Of Ductwork Systems

DUCTWORK REINVENTED. GatorDuct is the only sustainable ductwork system available on the planet! Every GatorDuct project can be bespoke wth colours, customised patterns and logos.



GatorDuct is fully integrated with AutoDesk, to fit seamlessly into your existing workflow. It can be designed with graphics, patterns and colour to suit your project.

Less Weight | Less Cost | Lower Emissions | Better For The Planet

If you have any current schemes we can offer our design / selection assistance or would like to consider Gatorduct please do not hesitate to contact us on 0121 502 2517 or

If you have a little more time and would like to see what else we do please click Here


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Hurlstones (Midlands & South) Limited win Agent of the Year!!

Hurlstones (Midlands & South) Limited were one of the nominations for the Manufacturing Agents Association (MAA) 2015 Agent of the Year. The MAA Council examined all the nominations in great detail and voted accordingly duly electing Hurlstones!


Matt Tickle, his brother, Alex and Dave are all members of The MAA. They are passionate about their business and the support that The MAA gives them.

Matt Tickle was interviewed by the MAA and was asked about how the business was founded, how he and his brother got involved and how they grew in their role as Commercial Agents.

Hurlstones (Midlands & South) Limited have always promoted themselves as an Agency of Technical Sales Engineers. They have a good heritage with experience in Engineering, Manufacturing and Sales and a very good reputation...but it has really always been about The Family. We are very humbled by this award but I feel strongly that we are collecting this not only for me but also on behalf of the entire business.

My Father, Dave Tickle, was one of the Co-founders. He started his career as an engineer in 1968, when he joined GN Haden & Sons Ltd in Birmingham, serving a Technician Apprenticeship in Heating and Ventilation. He left Hadens in 1985 and started working as a Technical Sales Engineer covering the Midlands, South West & South Wales area for a specialist expansion bellow company. During his career my Father gained technical qualifications in Building Services at Technical College and later a Diploma in Management Studies from a Post Graduate Degree course. He is also a Licentiate Membership of CIBSE.

After working as a direct employed sales rep for 3 years he joined forces with another Manufacturers Agent called John Hurlstone and started working together as John R Hurlstones and Partners. The Agency represented a number of Manufacturers offering Building Services products. This included a specialist company in thermal expansion called Pipe Solutions Limited, an Air Handling Unit company, the UKs leading thermostatic valve manufacturer Horne Engineering Limited and a full range of radiators with Sensotherm Limited. My Father was responsible for Sales in the East and West Midlands, South West and South Wales area.

After a few years John Hurlstone retired and the Agency continued to develop and grow. It was here that my brother, Alex, & I joined the company and started to develop our careers as Technical Sales Agents. I had started my career in Mechanical Building Services, working for a Consulting Engineering firm as an engineering apprentice whilst gaining my Mechanical Building Services qualifications. After taking a year out I joined the Sales Agency business. I quickly implemented various technologies including mobiles and laptops. I also started to encourage the business to focus on an integrated systems approach, converting the company paper and file followup system to a computerised solution. I also took on responsibility for Sales of various Manufacturers in the East and West Midlands before being made a Partner in the business and opening a London Office.

My brother, Alex Tickle, started his apprenticeship with one of Hurlstones Principals in the Midlands. He worked in the Engineering Department specialising in hydronics and water commissioning technology. 18 months later Alex joined us at the Sales Agency, initially as an internal sales engineer tasked with developing the companys follow up procedure whilst completing his ONC in Building Services. Within 6 months he was out on the road, selling products. Sales is clearly in the blood for The Tickle Family!. The business continued to progress and diversify. In 2009 we formed Hurlstones (Midlands & South) Ltd with offices in Birmingham, London and with future plans for an office in Plymouth.

The Agency currently covers the East and West Midlands, South West, South Wales and South East of the Country for a variety of Building Services product suppliers and manufacturers. Over the years we have developed considerable experience through working on a variety of Projects in both Private and Public sectors including student accommodation, MOD sites, schools, hospitals, offices, laboratories, apartment blocks, data-centres, care homes, universities, large family dwellings, rail projects, airports and hotels. Our network of clients and business contacts extends far and wide and includes many Architects, Developers, Estates Departments, Consultants, MEP Contractors, Main Contractors, Installers, OEMs, Agents and large Blue Chip End Users.

Steady year on year growth for the Agency has resulted in an increase in the number of customers we serve and also the number of Principals we represent.

Over the years these relationships have been managed, maintained and developed in many different ways, from the very early days of a basic paper filling system with card indexs right the way up to off the shelf customer relationship management systems, also known as CRMs. The off the shelf versions we had tried all seemed to be aimed at direct employed sales reps.

As Sales Agents we needed a CRM that was geared specifically for us so 5 years ago we decided to bite the bullet and design and write our very own CRM. We sat down around a table with the programmers and went through not only what we would like as Sales Agents but also what our Principals would need and like. The system was created, tested and implemented within 2 years, and we have used it successfully for the last 3 years. Then something very interesting started to happen - some of our Principals, as well as customers and other Sales Representatives started to ask Where did you get that system? We didn't buy it, we made it ourselves... Within 3 months a joint venture with a software investor was formed, Loop Solutions Limited was created, and SalesLoop was launched. A CRM system designed by Manufacturers Agents FOR Manufacturers Agents.

The Agency has always been recognised as a professional organisation, & in 2009 the Tickles joined the Manufacturers Agents Association (The MAA). The Tickles and The MAA have formed a strong and mutually supportive bond over the years and we have been working very closely to co- promote both the MAA and SalesLoop, to help bring increased efficiency, professionalism and organisation to Sales Agents across the UK and Ireland. This in turn has helped many
Principals; as Agents both in our network and The MAAs network have purchased and started to use SalesLoop Sales have increased all round. A win, win, win, you may say.

The Manufacturers that we represent include;

Aquality (Grey, Rain and Non Potable Water Management Systems)
Caice Acoustics (Attenuators)
Cosaf (Evaporative Cooling and GatorDuct Systems) Fraser Engineering (Trench and Radiant Heating) GlobalH2o (Pumps, Booster Sets, Tanks, Pressurisation Units and Taps)
Horne (Thermostatic Mixing Valves and Showers)
Keraflo (Delayed Action Float Valves)
Daikin Applied UK (Air Handling Units, Chillers and Fan Coil Units)
Pipe Solutions (Expansion Bellows and Air Dirt Separators)
SAV Systems (Flocon Commissioning Modules) Sensotherm (Radiators)
Veltem (Diffusers, Grilles, Chilled Beams, CAV, VAV, Fire Dampers)ai???

For more information on Hurlstones, SalesLoop or The MAA please visit these websites;,,

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SAV FloCon Watchman - Continuous Digital Monitoring Module


We love working with SAV. They continually disrupt the market with innovation.

If you or any colleagues are working on Projects involving Fan Coil Units, Chilled Beams, Trench / Perimeter Heating or any HVAC distribution system for that matter, we are sure you'll find this of interest.


Is a buildings HVAC system achieving its design stage predictions?


Continuous digital monitoring of flow rates, temperature differentials and energy consumption is fundamental to achieving both an optimum indoor environment and with least possible energy wastage!

The SAV FloCon Watchman Module gives you exactly what you need.


SUMMARY- Continuous Digital Monitoring

- Watchman Digital Flow Rate Commissioning
- Watchman Digital Delta T Monitoring
- Pressure Independent Control Balancing Valve (PICV)
- All of the great Features and Benefits of using a Centralised Module


To download the full SAV brochure please click Here

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The Living Building Challenge more rigorous than LEED and BREEAM...

The Living Building Challenge (LBC) is an international sustainable building certification program created in 2006 by the non-profit International Living Future Institute.

It is described by the Institute as a philosophy, advocacy tool and certification program that promotes the most advanced measurement of sustainability in the built environment.

It can be applied to development at all scales, from buildings both new construction and renovation - to infrastructure and landscapes and is more rigorous than green certification schemes such as LEED or BREEAM.

According to the Living Future Institutes website 'The Living Building Challenge is the built environments most rigorous performance standard. It calls for the creation building projects at all scales that operate as cleanly, beautifully and efficiently as natures architecture. To be certified under the Challenge, projects must meet a series of ambitious performance requirements over a minimum of 12 months or continuos occupancy'.


International Living Future Institute

The International Living Future Institute is a non-governmental organization (NGO) committed to catalyzing a global transformation toward true sustainability. The Institute seeks partnerships with leaders in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors in pursuit of a future that is socially just, culturally rich and ecologically restorative.

We are speaking to a number of our manufacturers to see how their products, services and wisdom can help to design Building Services with this new standard in mind.

Our first venture into this new territory is with Aquality and we are working with Buro Happold on achieving a Water Petal for nett zero or even nett positive water certification.

More studies and updates to follow for other products of ours follow us onTwitter or connect with us on LinkedIn to make sure you don't miss out.

To download a copy of the Living Building Challenge Water and Supply Use Table click Here

To download a copy of the Living Building Challenge Full Document Requirements click Here

To download the Living Building Challenge Water Petal Handbook please click Here

To request a meeting for a specific project please email us

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Not just a heat emitter


Trench, Radiant and Perimeter Heating Systems are, by their nature, very adaptable. They can be fitted around corners, follow the contours and curves of buildings and often go un-noticed.

Trench Heating is an excellent option for Perimeter Heating an office space, where every mm counts. If designed correctly and mounted below or within a raised floor, the space that it takes up can still be calculated as lettable floor area. Developers like this!

Special Trench Heating casings can be made to sit within deep pressurised floors. These can then be sealed to make sure the upflow ventilation cooling system works as it should.

Radiant Panels are equally versatile and because they are also mounted either on the ceiling or on the wall they are often preferred by architects.

The other major advantage of using Radiant Panels or Trench Heating is their ability to cope well with lower flow and return temperatures. 70/40 is becoming very much the norm. 65/50 for heating is also common these days.

The net result on the emitter you use is an increase in size. The beauty of Trench and Radiant Heating is that it sits outside of the occupied zone, so increasing its size to maintain the required output is not a problem.

For experienced manufacturers of this equipment, the construction process is not complicated but the finishes are key.

Both clients and architects are often keen to either make things blend in.

We are currently working on many projects with Fraser Engineering, some standard, some not so standard, but all of them serving their purpose beautifully.

To download a copy of the Fraser Engineering Radiant Panel Brochure please Click Here

To download a copy of the Fraser Engineering Trench Heating Brochure please Click Here

To request a meeting for a specific project please email us

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Natural Circulation Cooling Solutions

We are very proud to be Technical Sales Agents for Hitachi's Natural Circulation (NC) Cooling products.

This solution delivers High Density cooling solutions with a low carbon footprint for data centres and server rooms. Some of the many benefits are;

- High COPs
- No compressors required for refrigerant circulation
- Refrigerant circulation is via natural circulation and natural head
- Standard copper pipe installation due to low operating pressures
- Solution adapts to varying IT loads
- No raised floor required
- Independent test results conducted by BSRIA

We were employed by Hitachi Plant Technologies UK at the beginning of 2013. Based in London they have a team on hand to assist our Clients with the following;

- Product/Solution selection
- Single line drawings and plant schedules for our product selection
- Full CFD modelling of Consultants/Contractors proposals
- Full commissioning and Integrated System Testing (IST)
- Further solution R&D using extensive facilities is Japan

We are also able to organise a CIBSE CPD. The Agenda covers;

- Overview of Hitachi
- Technical review of Hitachi Natural Circulation Technology
- Overview of the Hitachi NC Products
- Case Study - Telehouse London Docklands
- Questions and Answers

Please contact Matt Tickle if you have any projects or requirements you would like us to have a look at. We look forward to being of service.

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Heading Bold Lower Writing

An Engineering Solution for All.

As manufacturers of trench, perimeter and radiant heating systems, specialising in the design and development of HVAC products for over 20 years, Fraser Engineering have built an enviable reputation for precision, quality products.

Based in Ashford in Kent, all Fraser Engineerings products are manufactured by themselves, using materials and components sourced only from the U.K. or the E.U.

Fraser Engineering offer complete heating systems / solutions, such as trench, perimeter, radiant panel and fan coil casings etc. The opportunity to deal directly with the manufacturer has obvious cost benefits as many of our clients have discovered.

Fraser Engineering are regularly specified for major corporate and governmental buildings, as well as hospital / healthcare projects. Some of these projects include:


We offer our assistance at each stage of a project, starting with architects / design consultants offering our selection assistance, attending site surveys and issuing technical drawings where necessary.

Fraser Engineering also offer a full installation service by their own trained specialist installers if required.

If you are interested in, or would benefit from a visit please do not hesitate to contact us, where we look forward to continue offering our assistance and building service solutions.

June 2013

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Experts in Temperature Control

Our working relationship with Horne Engineering and their wonderful range of products has evolved year on year, whilst keeping up to date with current legislations, customers requirements and new products. Horne Engineering themselves have been at the forefront of the design, manufacture and distribution of thermostatic valves since 1909. They have always supplied direct to end users, the people utilising their products, and this close relationship allows us / them to understand our markets and tailor our expertise to each individual requirement. Quality, innovation, reliability and efficiency are the core values behind all of their products.

With continued changes in guidelines and legislations, Horne Engineering continue to look forward and push the boundaries of their technology. They design all of their products to enable easy installation and maintenance so that they can operate over a maximised lifespan. Many essential components, such as check valves and isolating valves, are integrated with the thermostatic mixing valve to reduce installation times and costs. These additional components also aid in simplyfying maintenance procedures thus making their products highly cost-effective and dependable.

Horne Engineering is an independent, privately-owned company that was started in Glasgow back in 1909. Some of their early products included thermostatic steam traps, which were subsequently developed into thermostatic temperature control valves. These rapidly gained a reputation for accurate and reliable performance, something they continue to maintain. All of their designs are based on robust and sound engineering principles, developed over decades of manufacturing products to meet our customersai??i?? needs.

Their temperature control valves were first developed for domestic hot water storage heaters, which were commonly used in kitchens and laundries, as well as baths and showers, and so required the hot water to be stored at 60C. This creates a risk of scalding, so they began developing blending valves to supply water at safe, comfortable temperatures for bathing. In the early 1920s, they developed the first hot water blender and since then we have continued to develop innovative and specific thermostatic mixing valves for institutional and commercial use.

In recent years, they have added an extensive range of surface mounted shower panels to their portfolio, for use in healthcare, education, leisure and secure environments. Horne Engineering continue to maintain their reputation for high-quality, leading edge products that are safe, reliable, easy to use, efficient and ecologically friendly.

Their most recent development is the award-winning Optitherm thermostatic tap, which is a TMV, hot tap and cold tap in one complete unit. It has been developed specifically for clincal and surgical handwashing in healthcare facilities.

We have developed relationships with a number of hospital trusts, end users, design consultants and contractors based on not only the true engineering value of Horne Engineering's product range, but also the reliability of their products and service.

Did you know that we offer free of charge certified maintenance training sessions? The session cover's commissioning, testing, maintenance and full valve refurbishment of all Horne point of use products, i.e. Thermostatic Mixing Valves, Thermostatic Showers and Taps. We can also assist from a design point of view with Horne Engineering's Valve Selector for Thermostatic Mixing Valves. This is to ensure the correct thermostatic mixing valve is sized and selected on each individual project's design parameters, including hot & cold water pressures, hot and cold water temperatures, flow rates and pressure drops.

To aid with our technical sales, customers approval and samples of our product being viewed we can now deliver Horne Engineering's range of surface mounted shower panels, the Optitherm thermostatic tap and thermostatic mixing valves straight to your office door! To help specifiers and end-user clients to visualise a Horne installation, we have a new display van - fully fitted out with IPS panelling and Horne products as they might appear in a real installation. Seen in context, shower panels look smaller and sleeker and their ease of installation and maintenance is demonstrable. Their award-winning Optitherm thermostatic tap - mounted over a 500mm clinical basin - is easy to operate (ergonomic motion), clean and maintain and without the need to remove any wall panelling. Its installation and commissioning can also be phased: install spigot, flush water supplies, install and commission the tap body at final fix stage.

The van provides an excellent opportunity to see mock-up installations conveniently at your office, or on site. It is also large enough to accommodate small groups - even doubling as a project team meeting venue.

If you are interested in, or would benefit from a visit with our display van, the certified maintenance training sessions and / or require any assistance with the selection and sizing of thermostatic mixing valves please do not hesitate to contact us, where we look forward to continue offering our assistance and building service solutions.

June 2013

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Aquality Rainwater Systems

Water, or the lack of water, is becoming an ever increasing issue in the UK and needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency. Climate change, over extraction of water resources and population growth are largely to blame for the current and future areas of water stress in the UK. Indeed, we are seeing an increasing use of Hosepipe Bans being implemented by a number of Water Companies in the UK as part of the measures to combat this very real problem. We have a plentiful supply of water that could be used - from the roofs of our buildings or the waste from our baths and showers.

Why not make use of them?

This CPD is to show the latest development in greywater recycling systems and how payback can be achieved on a system in as little as four years.

The following points will be addressed:

1) Why greywater recycling or rainwater harvesting?
2) Greywater recycling how does it work?
3) Rainwater harvesting systems ai??i?? types and how they work
4) Combined systems - integrating attenuation, greywater recycling systems or fire fighting systems
5) Financial aid for investment in greywater recycling systems - enhanced capital allowance


Lutz Johnen has been working in the field of rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling in Germany for the last ten years. His company Aquality Trading & Consulting Ltd. aims to share the experience and help designing systems to make solutions sustainable and efficient as well as turning the investment into a financial advantage.

June 2013

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Pipe Solutions

Pipework expansion may be a difficult thing to understand.

For over 28 years Dave Tickle has been recognised as one of the Building Services Industry Expansion experts and we act as Technical Sales Representatives for Pipe Solutions Limited.

A bit of history...

Whilst working as a Building Services Project Manager, involved heavily in steam and condense projects, Dave met a gentleman called Geoffrey Peter Day. Peter was, at the time, the Industry expert for pipework expansion advice and Dave worked closely with him for many years.

It was through this involvement that, when Peter was looking to retire and find a replacement he approached Dave to suggest that he take over in the East/West Midlands, South West and South Wales Areas.

Dave's many years experience working with Geoffrey Peter Day and for Haden Young, specialising in Steam, Condense and Heating Pipework systems, project engineering and management, gave him the perfect grounding for being able to take on this mantle. He was fully proficient in assessing the needs of each Project and able to give reliable, financially viable, technically sound advice.

So from 1985 up to present day Clients contact Dave and Hurlstones at many stages of a project. We sometimes get calls from Consultants, very early in the design process, who require some assistance. Other times we will get a call from Contractors and installers who have a fully installed system and they need some adviceai??i??quickly!

Regardless of the requirement or timing we are able to visit Customers at their offices, on site or we can work remotely using emailed or posted drawings, which we mark up and return.

If there are components that need to be installed, to facilitate the correct movement of the Pipework as it expands and contracts, we will arrange for a quotation to be sent from Pipe Solutions Limited. This includes options for slide guides, brackets, anchors and many other items which are sometimes required.

Most of the time our expertise allows us to suggest 'natural flexibility' be utilised. This process involves installation of correctly positioned 'loops' or 'cold draw'.

One of the reasons we are so popular is due to how we often receive drawings full of expansion provision components...and, using our knowledge of natural flexibility, we remove most (if not all) of them!

We then make ourselves available for an on site 'sign off' inspection once the Pipework and components are installed.

This knowledge and experience is part of our heritage. In fact it is part of our business philosophy to make ourselves available to assist clients in any way we can.

We will shortly be employing Daves protege, Lee Mason to take over in the East/West Mildands and South Wales Areas (Dave will continue to look after the South West Area).

In a very interesting twist of fate, Lee is a similar in age to Dave, when he was approached by Peter Day. He has similar experience in Project management, engineering, steam, condense and heating pipework expansion.

We also think they look a bit similar too!..but we will let our Customers decide that!!

Please do let us know if we can help in anyway with either Pipework Expansion problems or by offering many of the other Solutions we have in our Product Range. We look forward to being of assistance.

June 2013

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London Office on the move!

Our London Office has moved to:

1 Bernard Gardens
Wimbledon Park
London SW19 7BE

Tel 020 8702 8780

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Whether it is Europe's Tallest building or Europe's largest shopping mall, Aquality can help.

Aquality are proud that their Rainwater System forms part of the green design of The Shard, which had been designed to deliver exceptional environmental credentials, with sustainability a clear priority at every stage. When the Shard opens in 2013 the glass prism will makes it Europes tallest skyscraper at 310metres above the Thames.

The Westfield Shopping Centre in London gave Aquality the opportunity to be involved with the largest Indoor shopping mall in Europe, with 150,000mA? retail space and 21 million visitors expected in the first year. The Rainwater harvesting design used 600mm average rainfall on a 32000mA? roof which would produce 11000m3 water to supply approx 200 public w/cs using approx 29000m3 pa. To cope with this they made use of 2 x 2000m3 attenuation tanks together with their Rainmanager AC5000 with integrated triple booster pump set and mains water back-up. By using the attenuation tanks the payback on the additional system cost would be less than 5 years.

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Horne Release Thermal Disinfection Adaptor for Optitherm

The preferred method (HTM 04-01 refers) of Legionella control is by utilising a temperature regime: keep the hot supply above 60Ai??C to kill bacteria and maintain the cold water supply below 20Ai??C (Legionella is dormant at these temperatures) and ensure regular turnover of water to avoid stagnation.

Regular water system flushing, which reduces biofilm, should be employed to maintain water quality and reduce the opportunity for bacterial colonisation downstream. Disinfection of the terminal fittings also aids this process and this is easily achieved using the Optitherm's Thermal Disinfection Adaptor.

The Thermal Disinfection Adaptor (Part No. 5963) allows the internal surfaces and mechanisms of the Optitherm thermostatic tap to be fully disinfected by hot water at its supply temperature, usually around 60Ai??C. The adaptor reroutes the hot water supply to the cold port of the mixing valve, through the valve mechanism, which reacts by further opening the cold port, and is then discharged at the tap outlet. The heat from the water rapidly spreads, by conduction, throughout the tap's entire metal body pervading all areas and killing any bacteria present. L8 - Control of Legionella Approved Code of Practice recommends a running time of 5 minutes for complete disinfection.

This disinfection process is illustrated in a narrated animation.

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