Case Studies

Whether it is Europe's Tallest building or Europe's largest shopping mall, Aquality can help.

Aquality are proud that their Rainwater System forms part of the green design of The Shard, which had been designed to deliver exceptional environmental credentials, with sustainability a clear priority at every stage. When the Shard opens in 2013 the glass prism will makes it Europe's tallest skyscraper at 310 metres above the Thames.

The Westfield Shopping Centre in London gave Aquality the opportunity to be involved with the largest Indoor shopping mall in Europe, with 150,000mA? retail space and 21 million visitors expected in the first year. The Rainwater harvesting design used 600mm average rainfall on a 32000mA? roof which would produce 11000m3 water to supply approx 200 public w/cs using approx 29000m3 pa. To cope with this they made use of 2 x 2000m3 attenuation tanks together with their Rainmanager AC5000 with integrated triple booster pump set and mains water back-up. By using the attenuation tanks the payback on the additional system cost would be less than 5 years.

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GOSH Great Ormond Street Hospital London Phase 2A

We started work on this hospital back in March 2008 via Bam Construction. At the time we quoted Bam for Commissioning Modules, Air Handling Units with AHS, Radiators with Sensotherm, Underfloor Heating with REM and Water Storage Tanks with Dewey Waters.

Bailey Building Services Bayswater Office were appointed March 2009 and we have subsequently secured orders for the Air Handling Units, Commissioning Manifolds, Water Storage Tanks and Smoke Ventilation System. The AHUs on this project were the first optEvent heat recovery units which AHS have supplied. Consultants on this job were WSP London. Please email us for more info on these products -

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Project Kimberley

This 3 storey office project was recently completed and we started work on it in July 2008. We worked closely with the designers and Dodd Group Northampton and supplied the Rainwater Reclamation System, the Underfloor Heating with REM and the Trench Heating with Fraser Engineering.

The underfloor heating manifolds were used to supply the LPHW to the Trench heaters at 80/60 due to the unique REM Pipe in Pipe System. To improve on energy efficiency (by using less pumps) we helped to design a Rainwater System with a single underground tank/pump set and a matrix of 4 header tanks we were able to feed all of the toilets in the building via a gravity system. Consultants on this project were Waterman in Nottingham. Please email us for more info on these products -

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Luton Sixth Form College

We secured the order for the Heat Pumps in September 2009. The project turned out to be very complex and the final design was based around 1 MW of Heating and 1 MW of cooling all being fed via Dimplex Ground Source Heat Pumps which in turn are using a below ground aquifer instead of Bore Holes or Ground Loops (Slinkies).

Dimplex took on the full design of the system and worked closely with engineers at Spie Matthew Hall in London. The full installation of the Heat Pump System is now complete and the system is running. Please email us for more info on these products - The client on this project decided that they wanted to heat and cool their entire building with renewable solutions...and we helped them to achieve just that. Our first involvement with this job was in July 2008 and it is still to be completed. We initially quoted for a number of products including Water Storage Tanks with Dewey Waters, Rainwater Reclamation, Air Handling Units with AHS and Heat Pumps with Dimplex.

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